Homework Task Week 8

Review of Beneath Our Feet

In our unit ‘Beneath Our Feet’ we have learned about the difference between soil and dirt, and the different types of rocks. We now know what the three types of rocks are and how they are formed. They are metamorphic, igneous and sedimentary. We have conducted a range of experiments to test our predictions and recorded our results. We also had an incursion which we all enjoyed.



3C, comment on our blog answering the following questions.
1. What was your favourite part of this unit?
2. List at least one thing you have learnt during this unit.
3. What was your favourite experiment we did this term and why?
4. What do you rate this unit out of 10 and why?


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As part of developing our ‘Road Safety’ knowledge, all the Year 3s yesterday attended the Car Ed incursion. During this session the students followed road safety rules whilst driving a miniature electronic car, and practised demonstrating responsible passenger and pedestrian behaviour.

Have a look at our entertaining Car Ed movie and snap shots.

IMG_1825           IMG_1823

We even had a visit from a local police officer to make sure we were following the road rules…….

3C, your homework task this week is to identify all  the road safety rules and procedures you learnt during our ‘Road Safety’ sessions. You may even want to share what it felt like driving a minature car.

Camp Rumbug

The first week of  term 4 was an action packed week. All the year 3 and 4 students travelled to Camp Rumbug for their 2 night adventure camp.

Everyone returned with many exciting stories . Here are a number of photographs describing the many  fun and exciting experiences during this memorable first camp for all the Year 3C students.


3C, your homework task this week is to leave a comment sharing your favourite camp memory.

KWL Beneath Our Feet!


This term for homework the Year 3 and 4 teachers have decided to include blogging as one of your essential tasks. Each week you will need to comment on a blog post answering the set questions.

This week we will begin looking at our new unit ‘Beneath Our Feet’. We will start by completing a KWL chart (What I Know, Want to Know, What I have Learned) and a word chart for our classroom display.

In this blog post you need to add a comment answering the following questions:

1. What do you already know about this unit?
You might like to consider what you know about rocks, soil, the Earth’s landscape or how it might change over time.
2. What do you want to know about rocks and soil?
3. What words do you know that relate to rocks, soil or landscape? What do these words mean?

Don’t forget to bring your labelled soil samples in a jar and rock samples to school by Friday 16/10/15!

Beneath Our Feet – Term 4 Unit

Our unit for Term 4 is…

‘Beneath Our Feet’

In this unit we will be learning about the surface of the Earth by exploring the features of soils, rocks and landscapes. We will also discover how the Earth’s surface has changed overtime due to human activity and natural processes.

As part of this unit, you will need to collect and label rock and soil samples which we will explore at school (in week 3). You might like to do this over the holidays and collect the samples from your holiday destination.

Tasks to do:

1. Collect a transparent jar with a screw top lid that holds about 400mL of water (a pasta sauce jar or jam jar could work). You need to make sure that the jar is wide enough to fit a rock inside.

2. Collect about 1 cup of soil. It is preferred that the soil is not from a garden but from a natural area, such as a lawn or nature strip. When you collect your soil sample you must carefully record the location and a short description of the area where you have collected your sample. You will also need to include your name and the date it was collected. Please put your soil in the jar and write this information on a label.

3. Collect a variety of rocks. Please be careful when selecting rocks that they are not too big, heavy or sharp. Again, please record the location, your name and the date of collection and attach them to the rock using tape or a rubber band. Please do not put your rocks in the soil yet.

4. Bring it to school by week 2. We will start looking at your samples in week 3.

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 9.09.55 pm

If you have any questions please comment on this post and I will answer them over the holidays.

Hope you are all having a great holiday! Keep safe and I will see you next week.

– Mrs Casale

Fraction Fun in Room 29

The Year 3s enjoyed developing their fraction understandings by playing a fraction domino game in our room. The challenge was to match the common fraction name cards and fraction picture cards together. It started to get tricky when we needed to use our equivalent fraction knowledge because there were not a lot of options left. Equivalent meaning the same or of equal fraction value. We all had lots of fun and are now more able to use the correct language when naming fractions and identifying different fractions as part of a whole.IMG_1687


This week we are going to be learning more about ‘biomes’. We have already learnt that a biome is:

“A large community of plants and animals that occupies a distinct region.

Land biomes include grassland, tundra, desert, tropical rainforest, and deciduous and coniferous forests. There are two basic aquatic biomes, freshwater and marine.”

We are now going to learn more about the different types of biomes that we have here on Earth.

Introduction to Biomes from Frank Gregorio on Vimeo.



Can you list the different types of biomes mentioned in the second video?

Which biomes do we have here in Australia?

Year 3 Gymnastics Program

On Thursday the 30th of July 2015, we traveled to Balance Gym for our first gym session. The Year 3C students and six students from 3M arrived at the gym extremely excited and reviving to go. We would like to share a number of our fun experiences with you. Clearly we have some budding gymnasts in our mists.

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